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Japanese food isn’t only found in Kyoto and Osaka… Shonai in Yamagata Prefecture is a Food Capital !

Why we say “Food Capital: Shonai”

Abundant land surrounded by the ocean, mountains and rivers brings various delicious ingredients.
Fertile plains on an alluvial fan surrounded by an abundant ocean and Mt. Gassan and Mt. Chokai, two mountains measuring around 2000 metres high. A miraculous natural environment brought about by varied terrain and a clearly defined difference in temperatures across the four seasons.
The good ingredients
「Ingredients with a story」
Rare ingredients few in number but high in variety – there exist over 70 types of native produce passed down throughout the generations.
Each type of produce has its own folklore, and each has its own special flavour suited to Shonai, making them “edible cultural assets”

Dadacha-Mame(Green soybeans)


Shounai-Sakyu(Sand dune)-Melon

「Various fish」
Abundant fishing grounds where warm and cold currents meet.
It is possible to eat much good fish !Our recommendation is...
"Cod (Kandara), Crab (Zuwai - gani) and Blowfish (Tora - hugu)".

Cod (Kandara)

Crab (Zuwai - gani)

Blowfish (Tora - hugu)

Delicious cuisine
For example...
The Three Mountains of Dewa’s Shojin Ryori - vegan meals eaten by Japanese monks and priests - refined by its long history.
(UNESCO Creative City of Gastronomy: Tsuruoka)


Traditional local cuisine and creative Western cuisine using local fish and native produce in abundance. Soy sauce flavoured ramen with a clear broth, with dashi made from seafood.(Sakata City)

Thoughtfully prepared foods from a rice-producing region.(Shounai Town)

...and more !

Traditional local food using a Ingredients.




Closer than you think! Food Capital Shonai

Four return flights a day between Haneda Airport and Oishii Shonai Airport.
Please note: Oishii Shonai Airport is its official name.(Oishii = Delicious)

Take the chance to try it in Hong Kong!

Fresh ingredients imported to Hong Kong by special express!
We will send fresh ingredients in their natural fresh state from Oishii Shonai Airport to Hong Kong.
Japanese restaurants across Hong Kong are planning to use these ingredients in their cooking.

≪ These plans are being adjusted. ≫



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