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Welcome to “Shonai: Food Capital

In Yamagata’s Shonai coastal plains region, nestled amongst the imposing Mt. Chokai; the sacred Dewa Sanzan mountains, Gassan, Yudono, and Haguro; and the Japan Sea, the Mogami and Akagawa rivers water the fields and grant a bountiful harvest. Shonai, well known for its rice, produces many other foodstuffs of surpassing quality. From a desire to spread the word about the fertile land and myriad charms of Shonai, the idea of “Shonai: Food Capital” was born.

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What is “Shonai: Food Capital”?





Elements of nature, tradition, and culture are all prevalent in Yamagata Prefecture’s Shonai region, and these varied elements have endowed the region with equally varied cuisine. Shonai is also fortunate enough to be home to people who have spared no ounce of effort or ingenuity in improving the quality of the crops that thrive in its clime—crops that these people have passed down through the ages and continue to harvest today. At the Yamagata Prefecture Shonai Area General Branch Administration Office, we’re putting Shonai’s myriad foodstuffs and rich food culture to good use; with food as a jumping-off point, we are working to revitalize local industries—beginning with agriculture, forestry, and fisheries, the food industry, and the tourism industry—with the Shonai: Food Capital initiative.

1) Chefs, the biggest fanatics of Shonai’s ingredients and cuisine, will act as goodwill ambassadors, and use their cooking to introduce people both inside and outside the Shonai region to its exceptional fare.
2) While striving to increase recognition and expand the market for Shonai-grown foodstuffs, we will incorporate measures related to tourism and publicity for the Shonai region as a whole, thus expanding the population of visitors coming to Shonai.
3) We aim to increase the region’s fame by promoting the “Shonai: Food Capital” brand, so that there will be a greater awareness of Shonai cuisine’s uniqueness; our ultimate goal is for Shonai to become an area people want to visit for the food.